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The multi faceted artist Titus Probst dares to step outside the usual lines of conformity. With his catchy synth sounds, he’ll lead you on his journey from the very first beat. While the first studio album, "Du Warst Auch Schon Mal Schöner" (2018) – translated to “You Too Used to Be More Beautiful” - was musically still strongly oriented towards 1980s wave pop, the second album "Expected" moves towards rave-technoesque electro pop, which, despite its more driving nature, seems to have lost nothing of its distinctive dreamy nostalgia.

The basic conceptual tenor has nevertheless remained the same: the search for the "perfect" pop. An artistic endeavour doomed to fail, acoustically translated by decaying melodies into a surprisingly harmonious overall picture.

Self-contained and yet radically extroverted. Unsparingly honest and again selflessly sensitive. Sky-high jubilant sadness as well as heartbreaking beauty... and all that to dance to!

While the lyrics of the previous album were mainly concerned with love, longing and hedonism, the new songs tell of the serious side of life and do not shy away from socio-political topics. All of this, beautifully packaged in a live show that promises to immerse the audience in a unique visual experience using both old and new media.

Press & Booking:
Rola Music
Gonzalo "Gonza" Gravano - Mallwitz
Tel.: +49 171 5456496

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