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Named after the Bob Dylan song, “The Mighty Quinn,” Pasco, WA’s indie folk artist, Quinell, was destined to be a musician. Inspired by the lyrical prowess of Dylan and drawing from influences like Noah Gunderson, Jack Johnson, and Brett Dennen, Quinell combines heartfelt lyrics with catchy melodies in a genre-bending fashion that the audience can't help but sing along to. Funding his musical career through commercial fishing trips in Alaska, Quinell employs the lifestyle and feel of the Pacific Northwest that translates through his music.
Following University, Quinell briefly worked as a high school teacher where he became captivated with the notion of music’s capacity to transform its listeners. In acknowledging an opportunity to influence others, Quinell decided to quit teaching, going on to record his first album.

In 2013, Quinell released his self-funded debut, ‘Til We’re Free, featuring “Hooked on a Feeling,” which was a finalist for an International Songwriting Competition.

2014 saw Quinell release a follow-up single, "You are Mine," which was followed up by two 2015 live videos, "Space to Breathe" and "You are Mine".

After taking some time to recharge in the woods of northern Idaho, Quinell recorded a mini-music documentary, including three folk songs from the “Inside Llewyn Davis" soundtrack. This project was the needed push to get back on track. Armed with hoards of new material, Quinell is set to release an EP in the winter of 2018, with a tour to follow.

IN HIS OWN WORDS:  “We all have similar experiences in life, but when those experiences are paired with the perfect chords, melodies, and vocals, something powerful happens. I love being a part of that process and the feeling that I can impact someone’s life, as well as my own, caused me to pursue a career in music.”

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Rola Music
Dominik Schmidt
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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Quinell Tour Dates

30/01/19Quinell OucharekLübeckTonfink
31/01/19Quinell OucharekHamburgMarias Ballroom
01/02/2019Quinell OucharekDüsseldorfDon Melone
02/02/2019Quinell OucharekGöttingenKleiner Ratskeller
03/02/2019Quinell OucharekHamburgSngerknaben & Sirenen
04/02/2019Quinell OucharekChemnitzInspire
05/02/2019Quinell OucharekNürnbergLudwigs Bar
06/02/2019Quinell OucharekMünchenBahnwärter Thiel
07/02/2019Quinell OucharekKlagenfurtLendhafen Cafe
08/02/2019Quinell OucharekKonstanzK9 Kulturzentrum
11/02/2019Quinell OucharekGrazScherbe
12/02/2019Quinell OucharekLuxemburgKonrad Cafe
13/02/19Quinell OucharekHerdeckeThe Shakespeare Pub
14/02/19Quinell OucharekOsnabrückLagerhalle
15/02/19Quinell OucharekRostockDein Wohnzimmer
16/02/19Quinell OucharekWeilburgBistro Cozy
17/02/19Quinell OucharekRottenburgSchlocafe
19/02/19Quinell OucharekZeitzGreen Island Pub
21/02/19Quinell OucharekWienPolkadot
22/02/19Quinell OucharekFeldbachClub Glam