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Portland, Oregon based folk-pop duo Fox and Bones are the culmination of life lived on the road. Their music is ripe with vocal harmonies that pull at the heart strings and a complex, often times, metaphysical lyrical landscape. 
Relentlessly touring, recklessly approachable and uncomfortably dedicated to their craft, the internationally touring sweethearts are not your average duo. In 2018, they moved out of their Portland residences and began touring full time. The road became their home and the fans their family as they toured throughout the entire United States, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This commitment has spawned dedicated pockets of fans and friends all over the world. 
In 2018, they released their sophomore album “Better Land” which was met with critical acclaim. Jake Craney from Ground Sounds states “Better Land is exceptional, and impossible not to love” and music blog Come Here Floyd raves “The Oregon based duo are story tellers, adventurers and discoverers of magic in their sophomore LP.” 
The duo’s live shows are an intimate hybrid of storytelling and comedy and as they play improv games and share stories from their adventures that draw in the audience and create a strong sense of community.  Kelsey Greco of Vortex Music Magazine beams “(Fox and Bones) have an undeniable chemistry on stage, stealing furtive glances and sometimes locking eyes with an intimacy that showcases how vulnerable they are with one another and their audience.” 
Fox and Bones are returning to Europe for their fourth European tour in August in support of their new single “Running Free” booked and promoted by ROLA music. 

Press & Booking: 
Rola Music
Dominik Schmidt
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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Fox And Bones Tour Dates

25/02/19Mark Peters (Solo)MunichFox Bar
10/08/19Fox and BonesOsnabrückFolk im Viertel
11/08/19Fox and BonesHerdeckeThe Shakespeare Pub
12/08/19Fox and BonesHamburgPony Bar
13/08/19Fox and BonesHamburgFreundlich & Kompetent
14/08/19Fox and BonesHamburgKomm Du
15/08/19Fox and BonesLübeckTonfink
16/08/19Fox and BonesNævstedKongebryg
17/08/19Fox and BonesOdensePosten
18/08/19Fox and BonesHalle / SaaleVolksbühne Jonsch
20/08/19Fox and BonesWetzikonArk Guitars
21/08/19Fox and BonesBrunneckUFO
22/08/19Fox and BonesKlagenfurtWohnzimmer
24/08/19Fox and BonesLembachMusikclub - Open Air
26/08/19Fox and BonesMunichFox Bar
28/08/19Fox and BonesSalzburgRockhaus Bar
29/08/19Fox and BonesDornbirnAnziehbar
30/08/19Fox and BonesOltenNext Stop
03/09/19Fox and BonesKielPrinz Willy
04/09/19Fox and BonesCottbusFango
07/09/19Fox and BonesDüsseldorfAcoustic Summer @ Weltkunstzimmer
08/09/19Fox and BonesDresdenKaty's Garage
09/09/19Fox and BonesChemnitzInspire
10/09/19Fox and BonesZeitzGreen Island
11/09/19Fox and BonesMarburgQ
12/09/19Fox and BonesKölnLichtung
13/09/19Fox and BonesDortmundFriday Night Music Club @ Subrosa
14/09/19Fox and BonesAltengronauSinnerrock
17/09/19Fox and BonesUnnaTortuga
19/09/19Fox and BonesBerlinDer Hof
20/09/19Fox and BonesBordesholmSavoy
21/09/19Fox and BonesJenaIrish Pub
22/09/19Fox and BonesFürthKopf und Kragen
24/09/19Fox and BonesNürnbergLudwigs
25/09/19Fox and BonesLinzKinosessions
26/09/19Fox and BonesMühlgrabenIrish Rover
27/09/19Fox and BonesFeldbachClub Glam
28/09/19Fox and BonesWienWaves Vienna
03/10/19Fox and BonesBernLa Capella
04/10/19Fox and BonesHanauEllis
05/10/19Fox and BonesBad FrankenhausenPanorama Museum
06/10/19Fox and BonesMaintal-HochstadtSchalander
07/10/19Fox and BonesAachenDomkeller
08/10/19Fox and BonesDüsseldorfCube
11/11/19Smokey BrightsMünchenFox Bar
25/11/19Erisy WattMünchenFox Bar
16/12/19The Family Crest (Solo)MünchenFox Bar
07/10/19AniimlMünchenFox Bar
17/02/2020Emma HillMŸnchenFox Bar
16/03/2020Bart BudwigMŸnchenFox Bar
27/04/2020Three For SilverMŸnchenFox Bar
20/04/2020JD EicherMŸnchenFox Bar
18/06/20Fox and BonesHamburgBurg Henneberg
21/06/20Fox and BonesBielefeldNeue Schmiede
23/06/20Fox and BonesUnnaTortuga
25/06/20Fox and BonesFŸrthKopf und Kragen
26/06/20Fox and BonesGštzisArbogast
27/06/20Fox and BonesBernStadtfest
03/07/20Fox and BonesKielKulturladen Leuchtturm
04/07/20Fox and BonesOttersweierGrŸner Baum
05/07/20Fox and BonesOffenbachHafen 2