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A cataclysm of cultures and sounds through one body.  Bringing your alternative truths to life.

Comprised of vocalist Gardner McFadden III, guitarist Myles Bacon, bassist Austen Goebel, and drummer Danny Delgado, the Chicago group emerges as a classic take on alternative music.

Deriving their name from the Childish Gambino lyric, “Black rock like a fuckin’ LOST episode,” the band embodies the fact that rock music originated from black and POC artists.  Blaqrock is bringing that lost fact to the forefront.  The alternative spelling signifies not only their diverse members, but also that the group goes beyond typical genre boundaries. 
From Rage Against The Machine, Linkin Park, N.E.R.D, and BROCKHAMPTON to Guns N' Roses, Thundercat, The Mars Volta, and J Dilla, Blaqrock's influences reflect that they have never been afraid to go beyond what is expected.

Blaqrock's greatest strength comes from the four members and absorbing their energy and influences. This inclusive energy is emitted through their fans of all demographics. With introspective and thoughtful lyrics, hard-hitting guitars, grooving bass, and pounding drums, that sound can only be described as BLAQROCK.

Pressekontakt & Booking: 
Rola Music
Gonzalo "Gonza" Gravano - Mallwitz
Tel.: +49 171 5456496

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