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They still exist - The insider tips!

Ben Wylen is one of them. But beware, he won't stay that secret for much longer, because his new album "People Say", as well as the single of the same name, sounds like the big names in the business. This is no accident, as magicians like Danton Supple, Richard Jupp, James Stelflox, Audrey Riley and Steve Fitzmaurice helped to cut a diamond out of this wonderful piece of coal.
What can we expect? Great songs that Bruce Springsteen and the Arctic Monkeys couldn't have written better. Great songs that sound great, are great arranged and produced...hah, this is going to be big!
On "People Say" Wylen sings about the transience of life, cozy evenings with red wine, world-weariness and also about, yes, love.
The songs are honest, authentic and of high quality, Wylen's voice shines in every syllable, with every word - this album already sounds like a classic, which will sweeten many road trips in many car radios. Especially nice: Ben Wylen and his team do almost completely without modern pop synthesizers. Everything here is real, earthy, organic. Oh, how we've all (secretly) missed that. Fans of (early) Coldplay will more than get their money's worth from one or two of the numbers. Here we almost experience a reminiscence of the golden 2000s.

So, keep your ears and eyes open - this insider tip will soon no longer be an insider tip.

Press & Booking:
Rola Music
Gonzalo "Gonza" Gravano - Mallwitz
Tel.: +49 171 5456496

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