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Danish indie rocker A Mess is a one-badass-woman army armed with electric guitar. She is honest as hell with both witty as well as serious lyrical perspectives, invigorating melodies, playful guitar licks and a hook-filled expression of being a woman of today. She is head on and fucks with predefined notions. A Mess strikes the chord to songs about #metoo, gender perceptions and sex. The sound relies on early nineties’ vibes and current indie. Imagine if The Breeders breeded Wolf Alice and left the upbringing to Pussy Riot.
A Mess has already received Danish national airplay and TV, media and blog attention on acclaimed media platforms as no. 1 Danish music magazine Gaffa, Danish TV-show Go' Aften Danmark, DR.dk and national radio stations and more, due to her musical mix of indie rock and gender debate. Mess is loaded with feminine stories on controversial topics as sexual consent, NOT wanting to have kids, binging sex partners and fucking your way to the top. Her debut single ‘Blame Is a Dye’ starts off 2021. It slams the door on the slow poke and treats a personal angle on sex without consent in the wee hours of mornings after a binge-drinker. Her upcoming release EPrelease 'WOMAN' is coming up in 2021.
The art hybrid ‘Snapshots of a Wo/Man’ is also in the making. It is a crossover of music, mini- documentaries (with film director Tor Kolding) and gender debates from a female and male perspective also integrating Tomas Høffding Danish male indie artist (WhoMadeWho).
Dorte Hartmann is the woman behind A Mess. The name ‘A Mess’ is in Danish called ‘Et Rod’ – the same as D o r t e spelled backwards. Live is A Mess a fierce two-piece: Vox/guitar and drums.

Press & Booking: 
Rola Music
Dominik Schmidt
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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A Mess Tour Dates

09/06/2022A MessHamburgDeichdiele
10/06/2022A MessEinbeckBackpackers INN
11/06/2022A MessDortmundSubrosa
13/06/2022A MessMünchen Foxbar
14/06/2022A MessWienRhiz