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On their debut album KAOS, VIVIN pack social criticism and dystopias into intoxicating electropop songs. Chaos as counterpart to the Greek term cosmos as (world-)order or universe describes the state of complete disorder. On the one hand, VIVIN understand the world around them as chaotic, unpredictable and also unjust. On the other hand, they themselves see in chaos - also musically - the possibility of developing something new. KAOS takes both into account: it is a socially critical album that tries to fathom the creativity of its makers. The 12 songs were written and recorded in rotation, each band member regularly using the instrument of another to develop new, spontaneous ideas and give space for the unplanned, the unexpected. In terms of content, VIVIN take on more serious themes, dissecting the interfaces between the self and the technologized, modern, chaotic world. For example, they treat new (social) media (Cryptic, High-maintenDance), future dystopias (Half Moon Half Sun), flight from reality (Chromatics) or flight in general (Skip The Beat), but there is also room for a classical love song (Sixteen). VIVIN create on KAOS a divergence of image and text: on the one hand they are good looking, produce catchy electro pop songs suitable for dancefloors, on the other hand they have a dark, thoughtful side that underlies their songs and also flashes through their sound from time to time.

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Rola Music
Dominik Schmidt
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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