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When you name your band after a sad country song, it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But There’s nothing country about the dark synthy rock n roll sound of Thanks, but they capture those classic country themes of heartache, sorrow and dancing with your devils…but with guts and a middle finger in the air. 

Thanks was formed in Portland, Ore as a 6 piece of strangers, couples and old friends in 2011. The name came first and the sound followed. That sound is dark and deliberate, melodic and punchy. The songs, though crafted and tight, stay wild. There’s power, growl, emotional depth and also, somehow, this bright inescapable pop.  They’ve found a strange and important balance between ripping you up and catching you with hooks.  There is a soul in this music. It breathes and bleeds and moves. And live, they ‘re fun as hell. Their first full length, Blood Sounds, was released in early 2014 to high praise and was quickly followed by two tours in Europe. Their sophomore release, No Mercy in the Mountain, is due out early spring 2016, and backed by another European tour in May 2016.

About: No Mercy in the Mountain
Jimi got sick. Turns out she’d been sick for years. And with one illness came the others, falling onto each other, piling up. From that low desperation of illness came a collection of lyrics about that classic Libran struggle of light and dark, to give in or get up. Songwriting became an exercise in putting the power into the story rather than the diseases themselves, to try and wish them away, chant them down.  And, as it does, music became medicine. 

With the solid instrumentation, collaboration and magic of the band, their second full-length record, No Mercy in the Mountain, was born. It’s full of push and pull, force and balance.  It’s bright yet dark, bold yet subtle. It’s powerful. It’s beautiful. It is Thanks.

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