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“Talkative has a stoner punk kind of sound, though it is deeper than that. The music is a great blend of experimental noise-rock and psychedelic pop. Hot Fruit Barbeque is a fantastic album” - Killing Sasquatch

“I’ve always had a massive sweet spot for bands that setup on the ground in spite of a perfectly good stage. Luckily for all of us, Talkative were exactly that kind of band. I arrived just as they were kicking off and was immediately drawn into their sharp and sprightly performance. As they played on, the fast filling crowd seemed more and more hyped to be there.. It was clear that many people had come just to see these guys. I often noticed people singing along to each song with fists pumping in the air. “Snow Jobs,” a song that had hints of Animal Collective was the pick of the bunch for me. A tune that started with the band thrashing around violently before slowing down to a repetitive drone was brilliant. I hadn’t heard a great deal about the band before the show, but in hindsight they could have been my favorite of the night.” Kane Stanley SSG Music

Pressekontakt & Booking: 

Rola Music
Dominik Schmidt
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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Talkative Tour Dates

13/03/19Sama DamsWienFluc
14/03/19Sama DamsKlagenfurtLendhafen Cafe
16/03/19Sama DamsSaargemndBrasserie Terminus
17/03/19Sama DamsOffenbachHafen 2
19/03/19Sama DamsKölnTsunami
20/03/19Sama DamsDarmstadtFrischzelle
21/03/19Sama DamsChemnitzAaltra
22/03/19Sama DamsNexusKunsthaus
23/03/19Sama DamsDornbirnAnziehbar
25/03/19Sama DamsSalzburgAcademy
26/03/19Sama DamsMainzSCHON SCHÖN
28/03/19Sama DamsLeipzigNBL
29/03/19Sama DamsOldenburgPolyester Klub
30/03/19Sama DamsMarburgQ