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Strawberry Mountain’s sound can be described as avantpop or psychedelia with their latest music taking a lot of influence from electronica. They draw from the experimental pop tendencies of bands like the Beach Boys, Of Montreal, Animal Collective, MGMT and Dan Deacon but express it in a sound that's entirely their own. 2018 has been an incredibly busy and important year for Strawberry Mountain. After making it to the finals of Seattle’s Sound Off! competition, the young band was invited to play a coveted KEXP in-studio performance, open for Dent May, and play Seattle’s Upstream Music Fest alongside the Flaming Lips, Jawbreaker, Zola Jesus, Tacocat, and many more. Strawberry Mountain recently returned from a very successful West Coast tour which saw them grow and tighten as a band and are embarking on their first East Coast tour this fall. SM is led by Carter Prince, who started the band when moving back to Seattle and reconnecting musically with his brother Mikey. The two began enlisting newly formed friends to turn his longtime musical solo project into a collaborative revolving group where different members write songs and hop in between different instrument roles. In this way, Mikey and Carter turned their project outward to become more than just a band and made it into a creative collective. An inviting, accepting and inclusive environment for all who need one.

Pressekontakt & Booking: 
Rola Music
Anton Löbbert
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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Strawberry Mountain Tour Dates

08/05/2019Strawberry MountainCottbusFango
09/05/2019Strawberry MountainBerlinSage Club
10/05/2019Strawberry MountainDsseldorfWeltkunstzimmer
11/05/2019Strawberry MountainBocholtAlte Molkerei
12/05/2019Strawberry MountainHamburgGoldener Salon
13/05/19Strawberry MountainHerdeckeThe Shakespear Pub
15/05/19Strawberry MountainBochumBASTION
16/05/19Strawberry MountainKölnTsunami
17/05/19Strawberry MountainHannoverGalerie Lunar
18/05/19Strawberry MountainMarburgQ
19/05/19Strawberry MountainOffenbachHafen 2
20/05/19Strawberry MountainBambergLive Club
24/05/19Strawberry MountainKlagenfurtWohnzimmer
25/05/19Strawberry MountainWienCaf Schmidhansl
26/05/19Strawberry MountainHaagBllerbauer