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The story of German-American singer/songwriter MICHAEL LANE begins 1986 in the city of Nuremberg, Germany. He is born there as a son of a German mother and an American GI. After his family moves to the US, Wisconsin, in 1993, MICHAEL LANE enters the US Army that is sending him to war in Iraq and Afghanistan as helicopter mechanic.
It´s that experience of war that is leading MICHAEL LANE to his destination of being a musician. Realizing the senselessness of this war MICHAEL LANE comes to the conclusion that there is nothing more important than the very moment and the time left for each other. Time, that is too precious to be wasted. Today, MICHAEL LANE is loving and living for these moments and is capturing them in his songs. In 2012, MICHAEL LANE turns away from his past focusing on his roots moving back to the country of his childhood: Germany. He starts a family and by going back to the beginning of his biography, he finds all the things that are making sense to him: Nature, love and freedom.
By releasing his debut album „Sweet Notes“ in 2014, MICHAEL LANE is finally breaking free and is able to establish himself in the German singer/songwriter scene straightaway. He is playing numerous small concerts throughout Germany enthusing both, audience and journalists. After that, MICHAEL LANE withdraws from touring and gets new inspiration from his family life and the impressive nature of his Bavarian homeland. It´s the place where he writes the songs of the follow-up album „The Middle“. On this album, MICHAEL LANE is exposing his essential subjects more consequent and evident than ever: Letting go of the past, the pleasure of the very moment, the family, the feeling of being home as well as the bond with nature and its beauty.
Compared to his debut album, the compositions and the production of „The Middle“ are doing a decided step towards the essence of the song. On this album, the listener will find reduced, organic, modern acoustic folk music successfully exploring the realms of indie and pop the way you can´t resist. MICHAEL LANE´s warm and soulful voice is inviting you to let go and to reflect at the same time. The intensity of „The Middle“ is evidently representing the actual climax of this highly talented singer/songwriter.

Pressekontakt & Booking: 
Rola Music
Dominik Schmidt
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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Michael Lane Tour Dates

13/03/19Sama DamsWienFluc
14/03/19Sama DamsKlagenfurtLendhafen Cafe
16/03/19Sama DamsSaargemndBrasserie Terminus
17/03/19Sama DamsOffenbachHafen 2
19/03/19Sama DamsKölnTsunami
20/03/19Sama DamsDarmstadtFrischzelle
21/03/19Sama DamsChemnitzAaltra
22/03/19Sama DamsNexusKunsthaus
23/03/19Sama DamsDornbirnAnziehbar
25/03/19Sama DamsSalzburgAcademy
26/03/19Sama DamsMainzSCHON SCHÖN
28/03/19Sama DamsLeipzigNBL
29/03/19Sama DamsOldenburgPolyester Klub
30/03/19Sama DamsMarburgQ