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LYLIT is a singer, pianist and composer. Since 2010 LYLIT’s life has changed a lot. Not only that the former Motown Boss Kedar Massenburg (Erykah Badu, India.Arie, D'Angelo, etc.) signed her to his label, but she also was on tour through Europe with Joe, Keith Sweat and En Vogue. Her song "The Plan" was iTunes' Single Of The Week in the U.S. and along with that she released her critically acclaimed EP "Unexpected" (voted in Top 10 of R’n’B releases 2010). She worked with artists like TY, Blumentopf, Texta, Blak Twang, Sadat X, etc. In 2014 she released her single “UNKNOWN” which was promoted by MTV USA and shortly after that her same-titled EP came out. The following tour was a great success and took her all through Germany, Austria, to Zurich, Paris, Albania, Vietnam and the US.  Before she focused on her solo career she had been the leadsinger of the famous Parov Stelar Band. LYLIT is now working with Andreas Lettner on her debut album “GREY” which will be released later this year.

Press & Booking: 
Rola Music
Dominik Schmidt
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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Lylit Tour Dates

2018-04-19Sama DamsWien (AT)Haus der Musik
2018-04-20Sama DamsKlagenfurt (AT)Lendhafen
2018-04-21Sama DamsZabok (CR)Gokul
2018-04-24Sama DamsZürich (CH)Rote Fabrik
2018-04-25Sama DamsDarmstadt (DE)Frischzelle
2018-04-26Sama DamsLeipzig (DE)Noch Besser Leben
2018-04-27Sama DamsWeimar (DE)Kasseturm
2018-04-28Sama DamsOffenbach (DE)Hafen 2
2018-04-30Sama DamsWinterthur (CH)Monomontag @ Portier
2018-05-03Sama DamsBasel (CH)Parterre
2018-05-04Sama DamsRosenheim (DE)Asta Kneipe
2018-05-05Sama DamsDüren (DE)Becker und Funck
2018-05-06Sama DamsBraunschweig (DE)Kaufbar
2018-05-07Sama DamsLübeck (DE)Tonfink
2018-05-09Sama DamsBerlin (DE)Bergfest
2018-05-10Sama DamsBayreuth (DE)Glashaus
2018-05-11Sama DamsSteyr (AT)Röda