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Portland based Indie Pop band Those Willows began almost 10 years ago when Jack Wells and Mel Tarter met in high school in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. Since then, they have grown to a four piece band and evolved their sound with Motown, folk and soul influences. With four releases, tours around the US, and songs appearing on MTV, VH1 and Bravo, Those Willows will hook you with their vice grip vocal harmonies and magnetic energy.

"Those Willows' Big-Hearted Pop Is the Sound of Young Love Actually Working Out" - Willamette Week (Portland, OR)

Co-written over the 4 years since their migration to the west coast, Those Willows’ new self-titled record features ten songs that serve as something of a forum for the couple to talk honestly about their life together. Autonomy while invested in relationships is a frequent subject Those Willows tackle.

Those Willows (LP) is peppered with musings conceived through their relocation. In “Mitten State” and “A Dream I Had,” the pair observe gentrification from both ends of its spectrum, Portland and Detroit both being cultural meccas at different stages of that process.

While tackling tough subjects, Those Willows, still capture dreamy landscapes. Occupying a space where melodious acoustic pop lives happily alongside synth and reverb, the band's new self-titled album is the sound of a folk band that's grown roots in the same town as Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Opting for the term "indie pop" mostly out of a struggle to pin down something more exact, Wells says the band's sound is "no longer folk music," especially on this album. But through its stylistic twists and turns, the bright thread running through Those Willows' sound is the magical blend of Wells' and Tarter's voices. It's next to impossible to tell which one is singing.

Pressekontakt & Booking: 
Rola Music
Dominik Schmidt
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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Those Willows Tour Dates

2018-04-06Those WillowsWien (AT)Haus der Musik
2018-04-07Those WillowsBratislava (SL)RIVA
2018-04-08Those WillowsHaag (AT)Böllerbauer
2018-04-09Those WillowsLinz (AT)Wohnzimmerkonzert
2018-04-11Those WillowsKiel (DE)Hansa 48
2018-04-12Those WillowsBerlin (DE)Farbfernseher
2018-04-13Those WillowsFelnsburg (DE)Volksbad
2018-04-14Those WillowsHamburg (DE)Warenwirtschaft
2018-04-15Those WillowsKöln (DE)Lichtung
2018-04-16Those WillowsWinterthur (CH)Monomontag @ Portier
2018-04-18Those WillowsMünchen (DE)Munich Sessions @ Lost Weekend
2018-04-19Those WillowsGrevenbroich (DE)Kultus
2018-04-20Those WillowsFrankfurt a.M. (DE)Lotte Lindenberg
2018-04-21Those WillowsBerlin (DE)Bar BoBu
2018-04-24Those WillowsZürich (CH)Rote Fabrik
2018-04-25Those WillowsChemnitz (DE)Aaltra
2018-04-26Those WillowsÜbersee (DE)Freiraum
2018-04-27Those WillowsWr. Neustadt (AT)Triebwerk