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“Bearded man sings songs, violates banjo” - CMJ
“Kaleidoscopic, pointillistic, dreamy, lovely psychedelia.” - Stereogum
“Continually refreshing and innovative” - Paste Magazine

The banjo has seen a resurgence in popularity in contemporary music lately, but there is no one who approaches the instrument quite like NYC based musician, Mike Savino. Performing under the name Tall Tall Trees, his music has evolved from a four piece band into a one man psychedelic folk orchestra over its 6 year lifespan. Savino has been turning heads with his innovative banjo skills, looping, bowing, and drumming his way into the hearts of listeners around the world, including a recent appearance at the legendary Newport Folk Festival.
Savino has been touring for nearly two years nonstop in support of his 2012 album “moment” and as a member of indie pop virtuoso Kishi Bashi’s band. Tall Tall Trees’ latest release, The Seasonal EP, is a precursor to an upcoming full length album, funded by fans through the PledgeMusic platform and sees Savino employing the skills he been honing on the road performing his energetic and oftentimes frenetic one man shows.
Produced with his longtime friend Kishi Bashi in his Athens, GA studio, The Seasonal EP is four songs, three original and a re-imagining of Animal Collective’s “My Girls”. In an effort to capture the sound of his live show, most of the sounds heard on the EP are created with one instrument, a hyper-modded banjo Savino has dubbed the “Banjotron” along with some guest appearances from Kishi Bashi, and Philip Mayer on drums. Each of the four songs exploit the wide palette of sounds coaxed from his extensive pedal board and feature Savino’s innovative banjo drumming technique. A spirited performer with a sense of humor and a love for improvisation, Savino will rarely play a song the same way twice, keeping his audiences guessing night after night.
2016 will see the release of a new Tall Tall Trees full length album which Savino has self-proclaimed to be “one of the most insane banjo records known to man”.

Pressekontakt & Booking: 
Rola Music
Dominik Schmidt
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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Tall Tall Trees Tour Dates

2018-04-19Sama DamsWien (AT)Haus der Musik
2018-04-20Sama DamsKlagenfurt (AT)Lendhafen
2018-04-21Sama DamsZabok (CR)Gokul
2018-04-24Sama DamsZürich (CH)Rote Fabrik
2018-04-25Sama DamsDarmstadt (DE)Frischzelle
2018-04-26Sama DamsLeipzig (DE)Noch Besser Leben
2018-04-27Sama DamsWeimar (DE)Kasseturm
2018-04-28Sama DamsOffenbach (DE)Hafen 2
2018-04-30Sama DamsWinterthur (CH)Monomontag @ Portier
2018-05-03Sama DamsBasel (CH)Parterre
2018-05-04Sama DamsRosenheim (DE)Asta Kneipe
2018-05-05Sama DamsDüren (DE)Becker und Funck
2018-05-06Sama DamsBraunschweig (DE)Kaufbar
2018-05-07Sama DamsLübeck (DE)Tonfink
2018-05-09Sama DamsBerlin (DE)Bergfest
2018-05-10Sama DamsBayreuth (DE)Glashaus
2018-05-11Sama DamsSteyr (AT)Röda