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The album "We All Yell" was proudly released on 23/03/2012. This recording has been one intricately produced, full of independent sounds and flavors with compelling hook lines and surreal slow motion mortis. You’ll find a breach occurs, where you had not expected. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is ambition. Maybe even art. Great art. In any case, anything but current streamlining charged with full force. Giantree have, for every hit that they themselves encounter, just before the impact can still scrape an elegant, absolutely intentional, artistically necessary curve with two additional hits in store. It doesn’t end here. Melodies intertwine and find themselves meeting in the heart center of perfect harmony. In conclusion, the use of striking bass tones, a wall of synthesizers and an atmospheric layer; a path is laid for moveable beat and driving guitar that ends in a compliment of steady male vocals.

An acoustic tour through all parts of Berlin consolidated this fresh motley crew. "Time Loops" and "Communicate" arose, first single title, including videos (and fellow actors like Sabrina Reiter and Michael Fuith). Radios jumped out immediately to the opportunity. FM4 in Vienna, Soundportal in Graz and Radio Fritz in Berlin.. These songs penetrated the FM4 charts enthusiastically reaching the top.

“At the threshold between the abyss and the beginning is where Giantree’s music feels at home. Where the blackest black and a little light shake hands - that’s where their songs live. And it’s good that way.” (Alexandra Augustin FM4)

”Whoever claims to know the Austrian music scene won’t get round this name any longer: Giantree! Whoever wants to get the big picture needs to get hold of the debut album – now! But beware: it’s addictive!” (Anna; enemy.at. Review, 26.3.2012)

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Kata Fohl
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