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The story of Death Machine begins with a real shitty week in the life of lead singer Jesper Mortensen. Within one week his girlfriend leaves, his old band dissolves and he gets fired from his job. Instead of breaking down Jesper transform the anger and despair into his first set of songs by the dogma that each songs must take up to 8 hours to complete. Especially the Danish National Radio P6 and the alternative chart on P3 welcomes the single ”Become the Dead” with open arms.
From the start being a true solo project for Jesper, Death Machine has now been expanded to a band that has since been helped by producers of Jacob Bellens and Vinnie Who resulting in the album ”Cocoon” that was released on April 29. From this album both the title song and ”Bleak” has been among the most played songs on the Danish National Radio P6 and the fanbase today includes fellow musicians Mikael Simpson and Jens Unmack, both of which are declared fans of the band. Death Machine attempts to combine the grandiose with nearness. Inspired by traditional American folkmusic and the synthetic sounds of the 80s. The band seeks to create an honest expression, based on Jesper’s personal lyrics and songwriting style. His fascination with the universe, it’s incomprehensibility and mystery in general is also expressed through the cinematic and deserted futuristic landscapes.
Their musical expression is a mixture between traditional folk and acoustic elements combined with the old synthesizers that sets the tone. References are Neil Young, Bon Iver and Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack.

Pressekontakt & Booking: 
Rola Music
Dominik Schmidt
Tel.: +43 650 48 61 366

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Death Machine Tour Dates

2018-11-20Death MachineKiel (DE)Hansa 48
2018-11-21Death MachineStuttgart (DE)Galao
2018-11-22Death MachineBern (CH)Wohnzimmerkonzert
2018-11-23Death MachineNyon (CH)La Parenthese
2018-11-25Death MachineOffenbach (DE)Hafen 2
2018-11-27Death MachineBerlin (DE)Barkett
2018-11-28Death MachineUnna (DE)Lindenbrauerei
2018-11-29Death MachinePassau (DE)Zauberberg
2018-11-30Death MachineWien (AT)Haus der Musik
2018-12-01Death MachineDornbirn (AT)Anziehbar
2018-12-02Death MachineRavensburg (DE)NRKV
2018-12-03Death MachineSalzburg (AT)Academy
2018-12-04Death MachineMainz (DE)Kulturclub Schon Schön
2018-12-05Death MachineMarburg (DE)Q
2018-12-06Death MachineLeipzig (DE)Noch Besser Leben
2018-12-07Death MachineChemnitz (DE)Aaltra